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                                              Since 1938, HABA has been making children’s

                                              eyes light up! For more than 80 years, the

                                              family-owned and operated company has been

                                              developing  and  manufacturing high-quality

                                              and durable products that provide children

                                              with fun and age-appropriate developmental


                                              The diverse assortment includes the games in

                                              the familiar HABA yellow box, toys made of

                                              wood and fabric, as well as imaginative home

                                              accessories, exciting books and beautiful gifts.

                                              Over  the  decades,  the  company  has  grown

                                              substantially and continually developed. HABA

                                              products are sold in over 50 countries. HABA

                                              branches are spread over multiple continents,

                                              and more than 10,000 retailers, both domestic

                                              and international, know the company as

                                              “inventors for children”.
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