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Interactive, imaginative play
                                                                         is vital to kids’ developing

                                                                         skills, and to the joy of
                                                                         childhood. Next to the
                                                                         attention and affection

                                                                         of their parents, the most
                                                                         important things children
                                                                         need are well-conceived
                                                                         toys designed to foster skills
                                                              FOSTERING SKILLS AND
                                                                         for their specific age group,
                                                                         encourage imaginative play
                                                                         and, above all, to let them
                                                                         have fun. HABA creates toys

                                                                         that capture the imagination
                                                                         and nurture that joy for
                                                                         generations to come.



                      It can be such fun growing

                      up with play, because
                      children learn so much
                      in the process. Our toys
                      accompany children

                      through every phase of
                      their development. With
                      HABA, children learn via the
                      medium of play, the norms

                      of behavior in everyday
                      situations and the joy that is
                      to be found in discovery.
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