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HABA’s company philosophy

                                                                          is based on one simple
                                                                          principle: Children are the
                                                                          most important things in
                                                                          life. HABA prides itself on

                                                                          the fact that children love
                                                                          playing with their toys while
                                                                          remaining blissfully unware
                                                                          of how it stimulates their

                                                                          own development in the
                                                                          process. A true “Inventor for
                                                                          Inquisitive Minds”, all HABA
                                                                          toys encourage discovery

                                                                          and exploration in one way
                                                               COMMITMENT  ETHOS  touching, seeing, hearing,
                                                                          or another, be it through

                                                                          smelling, or tasting.


                      HABA offers thoughtfully

                      designed, innovative toys and
                      games that are made with
                      the highest craftmanship and
                      materials available. Produced

                      at their own HABA facilities
                      in Bad Rodach, Germany. All
                      HABA products go through
                      a rigorous design process,

                      where every item is researched
                      and tested, with impeccably
                      sourced materials and durable,
                      lasting products.

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